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Life Insurance

Security and peace of mind at an affordable rate


What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is a great way to protect your family’s financial security because it can pay funeral expenses, debts and taxes after your death. 


Some Life Insurance policies even provide immediate access to cash, that you can use for future expenses tax-free while you are alive. Others may even allow you to accelerate your death benefit to help cover expenses related to an illness, injury or long-term care. 


To say the least, Life Insurance can play many different rolls within your overall investment and retirement strategy.

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A Modern Approach & Easy Underwriting

Most of today's Life Insurance policies simplify the underwriting process, eliminating the need for blood and urine and in other cases, they eliminate the underwriting questions all together, meaning you’re guaranteed to be accepted.

Which Type of Life Insurance Is Right For You?

Benefits to Consider
Cash Value Accumulation
Death Benefit
Living Benefits
Return of Premium
Term Life
Universal Life
Minimal to none
Minimal to Very High
Generally, Yes
Generally, Yes
In some cases, Yes
In some cases, Yes
Whole Life
Generally, Yes
In some cases, Yes

Let us do the extensive shopping

The good news is, Sullivan Insurance Group provides free, 100% confidential consultations to help guide you to the most suitable life insurance options for your family's needs. Although you can learn a lot from reading online, benefits, pricing and qualifying events for riders vary between insurance companies and in some states, there are hundreds of carriers to choose from.


In some cases, what you want isn't always what you can get. Far to often, consumers and agents submit applications that are denied. If you're among the many people applying for life insurance with an ongoing history of health concerns, getting approved isn't always a walk in the park. All insurance companies have their own individual underwriting guidelines, meaning one company may approve someone with type-2 diabetes, whereas another might not, and the same principle stands with all other possible health related backgrounds.   

This is where a licensed insurance professional becomes crucial to your success of being insured. Having access to all options in the independent market, as well as many limited distribution proprietary solutions, Sullivan Insurance Group provides unbiased, open-architecture planning, coupled with the finest education so that you not only understand your coverage, but how it's better than the other options available.

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